The Little Acorn Patch promotes a child-friendly and safe environment. And makes every effort to prevent accidents from occurring. The Little Acorn Patch offers yearly certification in first aid and CPR. At least one staff member certified in CPR and first aid is on the premises at all times.

All staff is familiar with location and contents of first aid boxes. Staff must always use gloves when bodily fluids are present, for cuts, or disposing of dressings. Gloves are located in all classrooms, bathrooms, and first aid boxes; and in each staff member’s apron.

All accidents will be recorded on an Ouch Report stating the incident, what treatment was given, action to prevent reoccurrence, the name of the staff member administering treatment, and then signed by the parent when the child is picked up. A separate Accident Log Book is kept by administration recording each incident and accident. The administration audits the log book monthly to identify trouble areas to prevent reoccurrences.


  • First Aid Treatment (washing the area) will be given as necessary.
  • Reassure the child and other classmates.
  • Complete Accident/Incident Record Form. Parent(s) will be asked to sign the form when the child is picked up.


  • First Aid Treatment/Secure Area
  • Dial 911
  • Reassure Child
  • Contact Parent or other named Emergency Contact
  • An Administrator will accompany the child in the ambulance if the parents are not present and stay with the child until a parent arrives at the hospital.
  • Staff members will reassure the other children.
  • Complete Accident/Incident Record form and ask parent to sign as soon as possible after the incident.
  • The Director/Owner will be informed and, if necessary, will inform State Licensing.


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