The following procedures will take place in the event of an Emergency

Evacuation: Emergency evacuation is a long-term solution in the event of an environmental hazard that necessitates a large area in which to evacuate. ie. gas leak, fire or damage to building.

Fire/rescue 911
Law Enforcement 703-691-2131
Emergency Medical Service 911
Poison Control 703-698-2900
Health Department 703-246-7100
Local Emergency Offices/Resources 703-324-2362
TTY 703-711

If local authorities are not immediately available to inform us about proper procedures, Little Acorn Patch will monitor the radio and Internet news for information or official instructions. Front Desk Administration and/or the Director have authority to order an Evacuation or Shelter In Place.

Administration will sound the alarm.
Administration will notify local authorities.

24 hour emergency contact numbers:
Kingstowne 703-822-0805
Springfield 703-451-3025

All critical operations will shut down, and fire doors will be closed.

The Springfield center will have 2 Emergency routes. 1) out the front door of 6226 Rolling Road and 2) 6224 Rolling Road. Children will depart Little Acorn Patch through one or both emergency exits and walk with teachers and administration to the Elite MA Center 6230-C Rolling Road. (yearly preapproved permission will be acquired)

The Kingstowne center will evacuate to Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 5725 Castlewellan Drive. Children will depart Little Acorn Patch through the emergency exits and walk with teachers and administrators to the church.

Administrators will carry the Emergency Disaster Kit contents: parent contact information, emergency/fire drill log, medical consent forms, medicine, and cellular phone.

Teachers will carry current attendance sheets and take class attendance every 30 minutes. The teachers will carry cellular phones to ensure continual communication.

Once classes are safely situated, administration will notify parents and other authorized pick-up persons in the event of an emergency.

Little Acorn Patch will post information on our web site, if allowable.
Administration will notify authorities and parents on the “all-clear” or “return to work.”

The following procedures will take place in the event of a Shelter In Place. Shelter In Place is a procedure used in order to avoid any uncertainty outside such as a tornado or a chemical incident. Administration will inform staff of the Shelter In Place.


Children will go to Big Room area for Shelter In Place.
Administration will secure all essential documents:

  • Parent contact information
  • Emergency/Fire Drill Log
  • Emergency Disaster Kit
  • Medical Consent Forms


Front Desk personnel will carry all health supplies such as medicine, inhalers, and epi-pens.

Little Acorn Patch staff will “seal” the room in the event that authorities deem that the outside is badly contaminated. This includes sealing the vents, closing fire doors, sealing windows and turning off the HVAC.

Children will remain in “lock down” until authorities give the “all-clear.”

Emergency maps are posted throughout the center. Fire and evacuation drills are preformed monthly. Shelter in Place drills are performed bi-annually.

These procedures are reviewed annually. Staff are trained upon hire, and yearly thereafter.


In the event of an emergency do not try to contact the school using the regular phone lines; these must remain accessible for handling the specific situation.

Use our emergency hotline:
Kingstowne 703-822-0805
Springfield 703-451-3025

Staff will remain with and care for the children at all times during an event.
Attendance will be checked whenever children are moved.

Operating Status: Open