Confidentially Policy

pic-childrens-4LAP emphasizes the importance of protecting the rights and privacy of our children, their families, and our staff. The practice of maintaining the confidentiality of verbal information and written records is a basic ethical policy of LAP. In conformity with this policy, only surnames of families or children’s first names are used in our monthly newsletter. Children’s first names are used to identify the child’s cot, cubby, coat hooks, and art work.

The identity of children and their families may be released only in instances of professional necessity such as child abuse or neglect cases, or written request by parents to release school records to a third party.

Upon verbal or written permission by parents, LAP may release information such as your telephone number and home address to other parents during the year to send birthday invitations or plan social activities after school hours or on weekends with other children in your child’s class. If you would like a class list of each child enrolled in your child’s class as well as parent addresses and home phone numbers, a list will be circulated for you to sign. Please inform us if your information is to be considered confidential and it will not be released.


Children grow and develop at different rates. A problem in one or two of the skill areas (body coordination, self-help, knowledge/concepts, speech language, getting along with others, vision/hearing) may not be serious, but it is important to be certain. The sooner a delay in development is discovered; the sooner help can be offered. Screening is the first step in identifying children who may need special services.


Your child will be covered in our accident insurance during the hours (s) he attends the program at the center. The cost for this insurance is covered by the registration fee. This insurance is secondary to any primary health insurance under which your child is already covered and only covers accidental injury, not illnesses, and only during the time that (s) he is in attendance at the center or on a center-sponsored field trip.

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