Our Statement of Purpose

Our Objective in fulfilling this purpose is:
Each child is unique: we strive to meet individual needs through structured activities, discoveries, understanding, compassion, support, security, and respect.

Children learn through experience: we provide many activities which encourage social interactions, expression of feelings, and self-concept.

Children excel at what they enjoy most: we strive to instill a yearning for knowledge in each child by encouraging curiosity, providing rich and stimulating experiences, and expanding their horizons.

Children are encouraged to speak standard English and to improve verbal skills in order to gain self-confidence.

We educate through stimulating activities to improve sensory manipulative skills, problem solving abilities, and to develop good listening skills.

We at LAP Pledge to:
• listen to your child
• communicate with your child
• teach your children to be good role models by being a good role model
• spend time building your child’s self-esteem
• educate your child in mind and body
• work to provide your child with tools to problem-solve
• meet your child’s and other parent’s needs
• stand for your child

Operating Status: Open