Our Curriculum And Programs

The curriculum involves the many competencies that allow different approaches to problem solving.
The program was developed to ensure that each of these competencies is given an equal opportunity to develop.

We incorporate the child’s parents and culture into the program, because it is parents and culture that set values.

We strive to ensure that all programs used by your child will meet his/her individual developmental level, and planned curriculum is implemented for every child at every age.

Center Wide Programs

  1. Interpersonal

    The capacity to discern and respond appropriately to the moods, temperaments, motivations, and desires of other people; to access ones own feelings and discriminate among one’s emotions; knowledge of one’s own strengths and weaknesses;

  2. Verbal / Linguistic

    Sounds, structure, meanings and functions of words and language.

  3. Music *

    The ability to produce and appreciate rhythm, pitch and timbre, and the appreciation of the forms of musical expression;

  4. Logical / Mathematical / Science *

    The ability to discern logical/math patterns, long chains of reasoning;

  5. Spatial

    The capacity to perceive the visual-spatial world accurately and to perform transformations on one’s initial perceptions;

  6. Emotional

    The ability to recognize and use one’s emotions to energize one’s inner self to achieve one’s goals;

  7. Creative

    The capacity to discover, explores, process, and open up new vistas for oneself;

  8. Adaptive

    The ability to use the experiences gained to adjust and accommodate oneself into new situations;

  9. Music Enrichment *

    For children especially, music is a “universal language” and a lot of fun. At the preschool age level, music involves singing, moving, playing musical games — with very little sitting. The music curriculum offers the children new experiences with songs, musical instruments, and rhythm instruments. An independent music teacher comes in weekly to give each class a musical enrichment experience;

  10. Kinesthetic *

    The ability to: role play, participate in athletic activities, enjoy processing art, to fix things and work with sensory materials;

  11. Funtastic Fitness *

    An independent teacher comes in biweekly to give each class a physical work out to music;

  12. Mad Science*

    An independent teacher comes in once a month to give each class a hands-on science enrichment experience;

  13. Language Stars *

    An independent language teacher comes in weekly to give each class an enrichment experience in Spanish/French for six weeks

  14. Computer Enrichment Program

    Children are given the choice for computer time each week. We want the experience to be fun—to capitalize on their enthusiasm for the computer. Our goals are: following direction, making choices, sharing, teamwork, and developing familiarity with the topics on the educational software provided. Software is varied to meet the age ranges and interests of the children. Pre-kindergarten & kindergarten children are introduced to computer care and usage. Each classroom will have access to a Smart Board to enhance their learning experience. Enrollment packets are available soon. They can be picked up on site or can be mailed to you. Remember class size will be small to allow individualized instruction and learning.

*Each of these areas of learning are enhanced with a specialized instructor

Operating Status: Open